Dad’s Day Tips for the Last Minute Gift Giver (like myself)

Hey y’all so I am not the greatest at timely gift giving. I will buy you a present, I will probably go all out and also get color coordinated gift wrap and usually an artisan greeting card if I can get to the right store. But, you’ll probably get it about two weeks to a month too late. NBD. Except YES – BIG DEAL! That’s the worst, so I have had to master the last minute gift.

All jokes aside, as an adult I feel as though giving a gift at the appropriate time is a simple skill I should be able to master. And you can too! Here are my tips, and gift ideas so you’re maybe, almost never left without a gift idea at the right time. Read on….

Tip #1: Set alarms for birthdays, important anniversaries, and parent/grandparent holidays on your phone.

Writing them down simply doesn’t cut it if you’re anything like me. I need an alarm to go off a week ahead of time to remind me to shop.

Dad’s Day Gift Idea #1: A witty t-shirt 

These tees are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can custom design online for your dad! Most are under $20!

Tip #2: Keep it simple.

You’re gift should be from the heart, and that doesn’t have to mean a monogrammed tumbler, a blanket with the colors of their favorite sports team, a photo album of your entire relationship and dinner at their favorite restaurant. While all those things are amazing, pick one, two max.

Run to a local store with artisan goods, and spend a little bit more money on a simple, high quality, thought out gift. They know you love them, so don’t put so much pressure on a gift.

Dad’s Day Gift Idea #2: Gift card to a local store or restaurant

Choosing to support local businesses is really important in general, but when you go that route for a gift, you really do have waaaaay more options. The amount of themed, specialized and unique local businesses would blow your mind. Get your dad a gift card to a brewery that sells brews he can’t get anywhere else, or a store that sells handmade leather goods. Talk about special.

Town Beer Co. in Murray Hill is a craft brew bar and tasting room for Jacksonville brews. a.k.a. Dad’s new favorite place!
Eighteen32 Leather Goods in Jacksonville makes beautiful products like this one and many, many more!

Tip #3: Keep track of gift ideas throughout the year as you see them.

When you see a new store open up, or an ad for a neat product or experience, write it down. If you keep a running tally, then you have a list of ideas right on hand!

You can even make little notes like, “Mom would love this”, or “buy this for dad’s birthday next year!” to jog your memory. Eliminate the pressure to think of the “perfect” gift two or three days before you need it and simply look at your handy little list!

Dad’s Day Gift Idea #3: Donate to a charity or organization close to his heart.

This one is my favorite, because it impacts everyone involved for the better. Dad will feel loved knowing you know what’s important to him, and the receiving charity obviously benefits. You’ll feel good knowing you gave a very meaningful gift that made a difference.

There are charities and nonprofits for almost everything you can imagine, so I encourage you to do some research based off of your dad’s interests. But, here are some organizations that are based out of Jacksonville to get you started!




Remember, your dad loves you, and so he will appreciate whatever you give him this Father’s Day!

Gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact it should be fun. I hope these tips and ideas get you ready for Father’s Day this year!







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