Summer is Magical 

As summer rolls in, the atmosphere shifts. We stay up later with the sun, spend more time outside, and seem to be slightly more inclined to having fun. 

It’s a state of mind. Relax more, enjoy more, and sleep less. I love summer. Even with a full time job, I seem to embrace the free time with more exuberance in the summer. The heat and the sunshine have a strong influence over me – I just get excited and feel so adventurous in the summer months. 

There’s some kind of magic that comes with the heat. 

I think it’s a community thing. Humans feed off of each other’s emotions and feelings. I think that when society in general starts to switch gears into summer mode, we tend to influence those around us to feel that sense of fun, too. It’s contagious. Scrolling through Instagram I see pictures of family vacations & hikers in Europe….. inspiring me to find my own adventure! When others take advantage of the freedom summer traditionally has to offer, it makes me want to do the same! So I pester my husband to have beach days and I sit on the porch to watch the evening storms roll in. Doesn’t sound very adventurous, but we can’t force spontaneity can we?! 
What is your favorite part about summer? 

a fun trip to Rifle Paper flagship store last summer


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