Bliss In A Bike Ride 

Remember running out of the house, grabbing your bike, jumping on and pedaling away as fast as you could? Sometimes just to feel the wind in your hair, sometimes with tears streaming down your face, sometimes with headphones blasting a song on repeat. I know I’m not the only one who did this. It felt like the only means of escape some times, and riding my bike was when I felt the most free as an 11 year old. 

My best friend in high school lived at the beach, and we would get on those beach cruisers, grab an icee, and ride up and down the beach for hours. It was just our thing. I loved it. 

It makes me laugh now, remembering how much joy I got out of riding my bike up and down the same street for hours. That bike was the place where I processed through frustration, sadness, and had some of the best talks with my best friends. 

I always look back at those memories with such fondness. 

Today I got to thinking, is there a space in my life now that makes me feel that same freedom – and simply, bliss – in something so simple? Or have I allowed myself to get so caught up in ~everything~ that I don’t? 

I think we all need to find or create that simple space that allows us to feel our own special kind of bliss. 

A space that is special to just us, where only we understand fully the benefit of going there. 

Where can your space be? It could be as easy as getting up 30 minutes before everyone else in the house to sit on the front porch and drink juice or tea. It could a late night walk. Maybe swimming laps or taking a drive? Maybe a bike ride 😉 

It looks different for each one of us, but it is so important to maintaining that little piece of childish imagination and joy that is essential to our existence. 


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