I met Gabriella Poole almost five years ago at a gathering where neither one of us knew very many people, except for the two who had been telling us we “had to meet and be friends.” Those two were her older brother and his best friend, who is now my husband. Let’s just say they were so, so right! I could tell an entire story about that night and the super unique ways that God chose to show us that we were, indeed, meant to be friends and spiritual sisters. But, this post is all about HER, so I will save that story for another day!

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Gabriella Poole is 21 years old, but her birthday is July 6, so be sure to send her a card! She is very fashion-forward, and one of the most creative people I know. She expresses her creativity through fashion, writing, and art of many forms. I asked her some specific questions when we sat down for our last coffee, and I was simply blown away by some of her responses. As she was speaking I just kept thinking, “Wow. This girl is gonna ruffle some feathers and leave a very special impact on her world.” She also has a secret hobby to be a stylist – of people, of spaces, and of events. Ask her about it! {oh, and did I mention – she’s also a model!}

Who is your favorite musical artist, right now?

“This month… It’s J.P. Cooper. You should definitely check him out!”

What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

“Actually, a local artist, that I happen to know personally. So it seems kind of funny that it was the best concert for me. It was because at the time, he had just written a lot of new music that had really emotional and powerful lyrics. They were very sentimental to me, and I found myself crying in the middle of the show. The artist is Corey Kilgannon.”

3 years ago, where did you see yourself now?

“A college graduate, with a teaching degree, living preferably in a Spanish-speaking country. I never imagined staying in Jacksonville!”

Are there any similarities in your current reality?

“I’m still working with children, but instead I’ve gone with a psychology degree. I see myself working and doing children’s psychology… Also I have learned to be content here in Jax.”

How does that difference make you feel about the decisions you’ve made that have gotten you where you are?

“Definitely like they needed to happen. I think it is really important to learn along the way in life as we see what God intends for us, and what He doesn’t.”

What do you currently spend the most time doing?

“Working – I’m a nanny, and going to school. I also work out a lot, and I try to spend time being creative. I want to dedicate more time to creativity, like painting, writing, drawing and DIY projects. I know that God has put that in me and I need to focus on it.”

Since you’re not able to spend a lot of time doing what you’re most passionate about, what steps are you taking to get you to that point?

“Going to school, to get my degree and move forward with my career. Also, staying focused on the joy in each moment. By focusing on the good in all the little things, it helps keep things in perspective. I heard a quote once that I really like, ‘don’t despise your small beginnings’. I think that is really important to remember when you have big goals.”


How do your beliefs tie into or impact your goals and aspirations?

“I believe we can incorporate Jesus into anything, and that He wants to be incorporated into everything. I know that when I pursue the creative arts I am glorifying Jesus because He gave me those giftings.

In regards to my career, I can’t wait to be able to pray and invite the Holy Spirit into my workplace.”

What is the most impactful experience you’ve had to date?

“I would have to say it was last year. For about a six month period I was in-between churches, and wasn’t attending anywhere regularly. I was searching for a home, and for a community, and it was just me and Jesus. He healed so much in my heart during that time, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be who I am today without it.”

One of the things I think I learned the most from this conversation with Gabby is that she is focused and rooted, and because of that, she blooms beautifully. Women like Gabriella, who rely on Jesus constantly, can stay rooted where they’ve been put down, can bloom, and then let their beauty positively impact those around them. Regardless of her circumstances, she stays focused – on Jesus, on her relationships, and her goals. That is what makes her so inspirational to me, along with her bomb fashion sense!

 Just for fun, we did a few more get-to-know-you facts!

Lipstick or Lipgloss?

Gloss. Anything cheap, really.

Netlfix or Hulu?


Facebook or Instagram?

Instagram, duh.

Pizza or Burgers?

Pizza! Or anything cheesy.

 Well, now you know a little bit more about one of the coolest peeps in Jax. If you run into Gabby at Bold Bean or the City Church, give her a hug and ask her to coffee (or pizza!). You’ll be inspired and encouraged if you do.


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