Shine, baby, shine 

Shine like the sun – or like you’ve been burnt by  the sun…. 

Spending Christmas vacation in the Florida Keys is a great way to get a good sunburn, or a healthy glow from the salt water. If you’re anything like me, with very fair skin, sunscreen is your best friend on trips like these! When spending extended amounts of time with a large group of family members, finding ways to be alone to soak in the moment are very valuable too. This can be tricky – you don’t want to be rude, but introverts like me often need just a few minutes to reflect on the days’ happenings and gather their thoughts before carrying on with the good times. 

This post will be more specific than some of my others; intended to speak to the quiet ones, the soul searching ones, the thoughtful ones, the beloved introverts. Scroll down for my 3 tips for surviving too much fun! 

This past week was my first real vacation with *part* of my new husband’s whole family – that sentence makes more sense when I say he has 3 families 😉 Four sisters, a brother-in-law, dad and his significant other & her 2 boys. Plus Austin and I. That’s a grand total of 11 people! Two condos + one boat + three days = lots of family time. Does this sounds ridiculously fun and overwhelming to anyone else?! Ha. 

Austins sisters and I by the pool

Going on vacation in such a gorgeous setting as the Keys was amazing. I loved every second of it; surrounded by clear blue water, palm trees and flowering bushes. In between going boating, paddle boarding, kayaking and tanning, we had lots of quality time together. Even while enjoying myself so immensely I found myself so badly wanting to escape. This is a feeling that after many self discoveries in high school no longer scares me. I know there is nothing wrong with me for wanting to get away from a perfectly fun and fine situation. It’s purely how I’m wired. My brain and my heart can’t keep up. 


1. Be honest with the people close to you about your need for time alone, and explain that in no way does it reflect negatively on them. 

2. Know your limits. Take your 10 minutes alone before you start to get frustrated, sad or lethargic. These are all symptoms of an introvert on borderline overload, and being self aware will save you from many arguments and misunderstandings. 

3. Be brief. Yes, you need time alone, but your family needs you to be present and involved in this special time. Be responsible for yourself but don’t be selfish. 

A healthy, happy you is the best gift you can give your family & friends. Don’t be afraid to stand up for the time you need. 

Letting your loved ones in on your little introvert secrets can help strengthen your relationships, and takes some of the pressure off of you to perform  or endure large gatherings. You can be free to enjoy yourself in your own way! 

~ My father-in-law David and I on the boat~


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