Glow baby glow 

Avacado & Honey. Smear it on your face. Wash. Thank me later. 

Hey so I am not trying to be a beauty blogger but like sometimes ya discover things and ya wanna be girlie and excited and share them – ya feel? That’s where the Avacado tip came from. You’re welcome 😉 

So in the midst of this busy life I keep reminding myself to take advantage of the small moments to take care of myself. We all need to do better about taking time to focus inwardly and not feel guilty about it. 

Why in the world do we let ourselves go on and on and on without stopping?! Because busyness is rewarded in our culture. Personally, I would like to disregard some of what our culture values and refocus on what the good Lord in heaven values. Some of those things are: rest, awareness of the state of the soul, humility, and honesty. From my brief 21 years of experience, none of those things can be genuinely achieved without stopping to create space and time to focus on our heads and our hearts – and our physical bodies. 

We should desire to be at rest, not in a state of chaos. 

Be kind to yourself. 

Take some of the pressure off. 

Some of the highest and most unrealistic expectations on ourselves come from within. When we can stop to rest and focus on what is truly important to us, we will begin to glow from the inside out. That relief, that rest, and the joy that comes as a result are the best skin treatments out there. 

While we should always aim for excellence, we need to have grace for ourselves. So go mix up some avo & honey, turn on some tunes, and light a candle. Love on yourself! 

{recipe below}


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