Fitness! Yeah! (Maybe? Kinda?) 

Hey y’all so it’s been a while but here we go I have something new to write about that I hope is at least slightly amusing to some of you. I recently decided to try to retrain myself to get back into a more active lifestyle, aka exercising more than once every 3 months. Just for the heck of it – and to provide a little accountability to me – I decided to blog about my journey! LOLz 
•Day 1: 

-8a.m. An awesome beginner workout with a fun friend. 

– Followed by a delicious smoothie (because that’s what you do when you work out. You drink a smoothie after. Because it has health benefits, not because you’re craving sugar. Duh.) 

– I worked a half day because, well, I have a job. 

– Played ‘soccer’ at the beach for an hour. More like frantically chased a ball that was being blown by the 25mph winds. 

– Ate a large amount of Wasabi for dinner! Yummmmm. 

Being “fit” and “active” sounds so awesome and attainable and like, not that hard. So try and imagine with me my shock. A shock that is not new. A shock I feel every 3 months when I decide to be “healthy”. It IS hard. After being a dancer for 13 years I try to consider myself a fairly active person. But recently that has been made clear to be a ~delusion~. A new opportunity to teach little ones the art of ballet has been given to me, and I know in order to succeed I have got to get up and moving. 

•Day 2: 

– tried to stand up. Legs too sore. Did wedding planning while sitting on the floor to preserve leg strength. 

– coffee for breakfast. (PSA: this is not an acceptable breakfast for one trying to be healthy. Whoops.) 

– work – again. Side note I ate a ‘fantasy bar’ from the coffee shop around the corner that made me hate myself but was delicious. 

– Ate frozen pizza for dinner. Day 2 was a bust for the health initiative. 

My goal is for day 3 (today) to bring back some hope and momentum. Wish me luck!

For the next few weeks I will blog about my attempts, successes and failures. Some in great detail, some not. My hope is to have more long term success than in the past, and to bring some transparency into what it actually looks like for a lazy girl to try and be fit! 
We’ll see how it goes. 


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