“You should call your blog ‘Block'” 

Today’s title is what happens when you ask a 4 yr old what to call your blog and he thinks you’re asking “what should my block be called?” And then he responds with “you should call it block. You just cross your arms and block your face. Block.” 

I haven’t had a lot of time to write lately and I miss it so much. I feel like every time I go a week or two without posting I lose all my momentum. But I won’t give up! 

I have been reading a lot lately, though. 

Reading and writing have to be balanced in my life. Reading gives me new creativity and inspiration. I can gain so much from other writers’ knowledge and art. Reading brings new life and energy to your brain. I am determined to keep books and reading a part of my life, and to try to remind people how amazing books are. Literature is not dead, folks. 

This is my challenge to you: If you’re feeling tired, or like life is throwing you around, try taking a few minutes each day to read. Read one chapter, or read for 2 minutes. 

Let yourself escape and set your imagination free, for just a moment, in the world of the book. 

Those few minutes of distraction will rejuvenate your mind. I promise. 

Find a new book at Target, or pick up an old one that you’ve read 5 times already. Enjoy a few pages whenever you have a second to sit down. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much better you will feel if you use those quiet moments to read rather than check Instagram or watch TV. 

Other ways that I hope to encourage other’s love of reading is by giving books as gifts. When it’s someone’s birthday I have tried to stop buying them gift cards, or a knick knack they might hate or a piece of jewelry they will wear once. Instead, I go to the book store and find something that catches my eye on the best seller shelf. 

Most people want to read, they just don’t think of it. Everyone wants that fantasy world, but we have forgotten how to access it. We all desire to be more educated and feel inspired, but we look at the wrong sources most of the time. 

Go read. And if you need a book, I’ll give you one! 


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