Is That Stale Bread In Your Hand? 

Our childhoods shape our adulthoods, and our family’s experiences mold our beliefs and thoughts. Whether our upbringing was good or bad or mediocre this is still a fact of nature. The life we live as children is pivotal to who we are as grown ups. 

I spent a lot of time around family and friends today and felt like my brain and my heart were going 100mph non-stop. Reliving old memories, telling stories, and acting on habit rather than thought. Sometimes those habits can get us in trouble though. Is my normal your normal? Chances are- probably not. So that means we have to try to understand each other on a real personal, spiritual level. If we don’t, we risk ruining or losing relationships that were just out of our reach of hope. 

The experiences of our lives are kind of like bread in my mind. When they happen they’re fun, sometimes smell good, and are soft and mold -able for the first few days and even maybe weeks after they occur. But, as time passes, that bread gets stale. It gets hard. And here’s the kicker – if someone smashed it, or took a huge bite out it when it was soft, it will harden that way. When you look back on that bread it will be dented – or pieces may be missing. But there’s nothing you can do. You can’t bake a new loaf because that time of life is over, those experiences and memories can’t be replaced. But what we can do is be reminded what bread is supposed to look, smell and taste like by the fresh new loaves that have been baked. 

Don’t base your actions and relationships off of the stale bread of your past

Look at the people around you now, the love around you now, and be reminded that bread tastes really good.Even if your childhood is full of stale bread, look at who you are now and live your life well. 


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