Who is Your Audience?

Audience matters. The people or place consuming whatever it is you are broadcasting is important. Your audience determines how you present yourself, the vocabulary you use, and ultimately the point you are trying to make. Audience dictates everything. Someone in business or marketing would phrase it as “the target demographic”; the people or group you are trying to impact. Understanding your target demographic is key to success in business, otherwise you aimlessly advertise; wasting precious resources and energy. I am going to stop my analogy here, because I want to explain why I am rambling about business and demographics.

We as individuals have many audiences. The ones I am aware of in my own life are my friends & enemies, my church, my family, even my Instagram followers – they are all audiences members watching this production that is my life. A benefit of these audiences is that because I am the common denominator in all of them; I have an element of control. I can edit my show in front of my family to make life seem tough, so my parents will give me money (just joking I don’t really do that – but I could), or I can (and I do) edit my life to look fun and filtered so that my Instagram followers sense joy  when they look at my feed. I don’t want to digress too deeply into a social media tangent so we will save that maybe for tomorrow… The point is that I can mandate what message these audiences receive when watching my show. Which has pros and cons. It can be exhausting to do all that editing all the time. In fact, it is exhausting. It’s not really worth it. Because, I have an audience that I can’t control. An audience that I want to impress. In this audience sits my greatest cheerleader, my greatest coach, and also my greatest trainer. He is all of these things to me. And I can’t control what He sees. I’m gonna let the best preacher-lady I’ve ever heard sum it all up for me here…

“When Heaven is your audience, you behave DIFFERENTLY.”

~Bobbie Houston



p.s. I do not take credit for this or any of the upcoming graphics feel free to take them save them make them your wallpaper



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