“I’ll be there for yooouuu”

“I’ll be there for yoouuu”

The title of my favorite TV show; my favorite group of people; people that are no longer  in my life; people that may be the closest thing we have to family; or people who fill in the blanks of our lives and make it fuller. I want to talk about these people.

Without them, many of us would be lost. They’re the ones we call when we get promoted, or fired; when we get engaged or break up; when we’re rollin in the dough and want to go to dinner or when we are so broke and our gas tank is on E. Friends are life savers, and they don’t get enough appreciation. We’ve got the friends we see every day; and we’ve got the friends who live hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles away where finding the time to skype brings tears of joy. Let’s never forget to appreciate these, the ones who faithfully give their time in various forms. The friends you can tell all your secrets to, the ones you can dream and plan with, the friends you can laugh and then cry with. The ones you can’t do anything without, and the ones you wish were there for the special moments but can’t be. These people are the backbone of a love filled life. They are the cure to loneliness, the antidote to solitude.

A few very special people come to mind as I write, and if you’re reading this and you think you’re one of them then you probably are. I’ve been blessed with a lot of high quality people in my life. Some I’ve known for years, and I am so thankful for their presence as I’ve walked through so many experiences with them and grown with them by my side. Others I’ve just met, but it feels like we’re meant to be. In a way, those are the ones I’m the most thankful for. To feel a connection to someone and to be able to share with them after hardly any time at all is so special, and I can’t help but hope that these will be around for a while.

The friends in my life are the best. In fact, they’re so good and funny and quirky and weird that they can be very accurately cast into my aforementioned favorite TV show (I think that is a necessary requirement for friendship). Without the girl who is sometimes Monica and simultaneously sometimes Rachel in my life, I think I would indeed be lost. Who would I ask for fashion advice?  Who would tell me I am actually being a brat when I think I’m not? We can encourage each other when Jesus is teaching us the same thing, and challenge one another when He’s showing us each something unique. Monica, (cuz let’s be real I want to be Rachel) don’t ever move to the suburbs and leave me in the city. I’ll come with you.

Then there’s the girl I just met, who I don’t exactly have a nickname for yet, except for the emoji of a strawberry. She’s one who lives too far away, and without her I wouldn’t be so brave to write these blogs. She knows the art of weirdness, and encouragement. She’s always got a fresh word from Jesus and pushes me to be closer to Him. And those lip-syncing-to-the-radio videos…. man she’s talented.

I want to write a paragraph for every friend I have, everyone who touches my life on a weekly and daily basis. But that would make this a ridiculously long post. Thank you to my homeslices. Thank you for being you, and thank you for being around.


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