Stop Telling Me It’s “Just a season”

I’ve written and rewritten this post 3 different times. Each time I think, “this is it”. I think this time is actually it. I’ve been learning a lot the past two weeks, some of it easier to take than the rest. In my fight with this post, the struggle has been that I want to adequately put into words what I feel is the most important thing I’ve learned recently. Every time I try, it feels empty and lacking. So, I give up. I know that this truth isn’t just for me, and it’s not just for this time of my life. It will always apply, it will always be convicting, and will always give me hope. I think my best bet is to just leave my words out of the scenario, and share Jesus’.

 Sitting in my car in a Target parking lot, at the end of a very long day and fighting off a 6 hour headache, I came to Jesus ready to fall apart. I asked Him what I’ve asked so many times in the last few weeks, “What am I supposed to do?” I knew that He had the answer to my desperation but I was growing impatient and feeling like He was never going to reveal it. Have you ever felt like that, like you know there’s a breakthrough coming but it seems to be traveling at .2 mph? I was ready for Him to drop the answer in my lap. And He did, right there in the Target parking lot.

IMG_3422(1)Joy is NOT a seasonal thing.

{Psalm 126:5, Psalm 105:39-43}

I scrambled for a pen and paper. Some things you know you won’t forget but they’re so dang good you want to write them down anyway. This is truth. This is my truth, and it’s your truth. Crazy things may be happening in your life, and it may be that the only way our human brains can think to describe it is by calling it a “season”. But just remember, joy is not something that exists some times and disappears in others. Joy is an essence of God’s character, and God cannot be fully present without every aspect of Himself also being fully present. We are never without joy because we are never without God.


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