Wake up, Cinderella


•Now Cinderella, don’t you go to sleep –
It’s such a bitter form of refuge.
Don’t you know the kingdom’s under siege?
And everybody needs you•

I’ve never thought that Killers lyrics would be a way that I would hear from God. (Besides the fact that they are extremely, beautifully gifted by God to make music 😉 But, the Holy Spirit has been doing his thing and teaching me new stuff lately, so I’m not surprised He used a new avenue to do so. His point recently has been pretty straightforward:

Wake up.

What areas of my life am I asleep in? Who am I not loving intentionally? Who am I looking at through my eyes instead of His?

I have found my answers to be many. There are many answers, many people. I’m breaking my own heart with these realizations. The realization that I could be hearing, doing and saying a lot more from God for myself and others. The realization that I am settling. I’m totally settling for less than I deserve, less than He intended. In church we are taught (hopefully) that God has a big plan for us, and He loves us. That’s great, I love that. But I think we’ve kept it too abstract, and we haven’t looked at the depth those truths hold. We haven’t let them take root in our hearts and pull us so forcibly towards our creator and His desires for us that we find ourselves running and running and not getting tired and having the time of our lives!

What does He desire of us? For in finding His desires we so often discover our own. Through time in prayer he’s shown me some of His desires and I know that they are not exclusive to me: Love extravagantly, forgive endlessly, pray unceasingly, pursue His Kingdom relentlessly.

But how can I do those things if I don’t know who I am and if I’m cat napping through life? This morning I decided to ask Daddy to show me how to wake up. And ya know what? He did. He didnt startle me with a loud alarm, or rip the covers up to shock me with the cold. He brought to mind the ways He’s been showing me every day this last week, to remind me that even when I’m not paying attention, I’m always hearing Him. He called to me, and let me look again at myself through His view, so I could see my position as He does – as a princess, in a beautiful gown, sitting happily at the foot of a glimmering throne. Soaking in the glory and getting filled up, so He can send me on my way to love, forgive, pray and pursue without losing an ounce of strength.

You hold a position of royalty as well, and if you’ve fallen asleep, or lost sight of the sparkle in your crown, ask Daddy to show you today. He will.


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