Work Of Art


Sometimes I forget that I am a work in progress. It would be much easier to think, “Look…. I feel like I’m doing pretty good here, life is great, what else do I need?” But lets not be delusional – I am no where near the point of perfection, or even “lookin good”. Maybe on the outside, but my heart is another story. Sometimes no matter how hard I try to make good decisions and do the right thing, things still don’t go quite right. Often it seems the harder I try, the worse things get. How can what seemed like such a good plan go so not how I planned? How can my words be so misconstrued? I know how – I’ve taken responsibility for my own artwork and I’m just throwin paint around. The result is a messy canvas.

but He still pursues me. He still encourages me to stop myself, and grab His hand.

And He asks me a question, “what does it look like for you to admit that you need work, that you need Me?” It looks like hurt pride. It looks like tears. It looks like frustration. Sometimes it looks like things getting messy and it being all my fault. It looks like humility. Being brought to my knees, and broken, yet still showered in heavenly grace. I will never reach the point of perfection I know I was created to achieve if I don’t let the best Artist work His magic. I must trust his carving tools and paintbrushes. Cause when I don’t, I see pain and confusion. But when I do, I see only beauty.


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